Access to Public Records

The Tiverton Police Department is committed to providing you with public records in an expeditious and courteous manner.  The Tiverton Police Department has instituted the following procedures to help you obtain public records.


The Records Division is staffed by a full time records clerk and full time municipal court clerk.


The Senior Records Clerk is Mrs. Catherine Vieira.  Mrs. Vieira can be reached at (401)-625-6717 ext. 107 (office), (401) 816-5551 (fax), (email).  Mrs. Vieira is responsible for the day to day operations of the Records Division, and handles most public records requests. 


The Municipal Court clerk  is Ms. Linda Hancock.  Ms. Hancock can be reached at (401) 625-6717 ext. 113 (office), (401) 816-5551 (fax), (email). Ms. Hancock is responsible for all matters heard before the town Municipal Court to include traffic citations.

  • The regular business hours of the records division are 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday – Friday (excluding holidays).  If you come to headquarters after regular business hours, please complete the Public Records Request Form and it will be given to the Senior Records Clerk the next business day.  The form is located in the headquarters lobby.  To view this form, please click HERE.

  • You are not required to provide identification or reasons why you are seeking public records.

  • To ensure you are provided with the public records that you seek in an expeditious manner, we ask that you complete the Public Records Request Form You are not required to complete this form in order to obtain public records.

  • Records may be picked up at headquarters in person, sent through the mail, faxed or emailed.

  • Accident reports can also be obtained at

  • The cost per copied page of written public documents is fifteen cents ($.15) for documents copied on common business or legal size paper.  You may elect to obtain public records in any and all media in which we are capable of providing.  There may be an additional charge for search and retrieval of documents.  The hourly cost for a search and retrieval is fifteen ($15.00) per hour, with no charge for the first hour.  We would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate.  Upon request, we will provide a detailed itemization of the costs charged for search and retrieval.

  • You may also obtain a form with additional information on the Access to Public Records Act, which gives more detail on the Tiverton Police Department’s procedures and your rights to access public records.  To view this form, please click HERE.

  • There are times when the public records you seek are not available at the time or your request.  The Access to Public Records Act gives a public body ten (10) business days to respond.  The Act further provides that "for good cause, this limit may be extended for a period not to exceed thirty (30) business days”.  We will notify you if we will need longer than ten (10) business days to fulfill your request. 

  • You will be advised, in writing, if we are not able to provide the records that you are requesting.  If you feel that you have been denied access to public records, you have the right to appeal to the Chief of Police, Tiverton Police Department, 20 Industrial Way, Tiverton RI 02878 .  If you are still not satisfied, you may file a complaint with the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General, 150 South Main St., Providence, RI 02903 or file suit in Superior Court. 

For more information on access to public records, please visit the Attorney General’s website at

Public Records Request Form
Accident reports may be obtained at

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