If you wish to make a complaint about the actions of a Tiverton Police Department Employee or about any aspect of Tiverton Police operations, please:


  • Go to Police Headquarters, 20 Industrial Way, Tiverton RI 02878, and tell any employee that you wish to make a complaint, or;

  • Call the department at 401-625-6717 and tell the person answering the phone that you wish to make a complaint, or;

  • Write your complaint and mail it to the Chief of Police, Tiverton Police Department, 20 Industrial Way, Tiverton, RI 02878, or;

  • Email the Chief of Police at, or;

  • Complete the online form below.

Acceptance and Filing of Complaints

1. Complaint forms shall be made available through agency personnel, in the Headquarters lobby and via the Internet.

2. Complaints may be received either in person, over the telephone, in writing, or via the Internet, and may be lodged          anonymously or by any other means without regard to the source.

3. Employees shall provide assistance to individuals who express the desire to lodge complaints against any employee of this agency. This may include, but is not limited to,

a. calling a supervisor to the scene to document the complaint;

b. explaining the agency's complaint procedures;

c. providing referrals to individuals and/or locations where such complaints can be made in person; or

d. explaining alternative means for lodging complaints, such as by phone, mail, and via the Internet.

4. The complainant shall be advised of the procedures for processing the complaint and provided with a copy of the complaint.

6. The complainant should be asked to verify by signature if the complaint is a complete and accurate account. If the complainant elects not to sign, this fact shall be documented and forwarded to the Captain and the Chief of Police or their designee and the investigative process should proceed.

Click the below link to see the Tiverton Police Department's Employee Misconduct policy:

230.10 Employee Misconduct

If you have questions concerning the process, you may contact the Patrol Shift Officer in Charge (OIC) at 401-625-6717 ext. 101, the Uniform Division Commander at 401-625-6717 ext. 124 or the Chief of Police at 401-625-6717 ext. 116. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.


Complaint Against Police Personnel


Simply click the Adobe button to the below to view/download the file.

You may aslo complete the form below.


Simply fill in the fom and hit the "send" button.

The United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division enforces federal laws that protect you from discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, disability status, sex, religion, familial status, or loss of other constitutional rights. If you believe your civil rights, or someone else’s, have been violated, please click the below link:

USDOJ Civil Rights Division Online Reporting

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