Tiverton Police Policy:
It is the policy of the Tiverton Police Department (TPD) to respond to compliments or complaints received from the public. Complimentary letters are:
• Reviewed by the employees supervisor,
• Forwarded to the employee,
• Placed in the employees’ personnel file.
Complaint letters or forms follow a very specific complaint procedure that:
• Ensures fair and proper action is taken when an employee is accused of misconduct,
• Protects employees from unwarranted or false accusations,
• Ensures a thorough, fair and objective investigation, and
• Helps identify and correct deficiencies in policies, procedures and/or training.

Submitting a Compliment/Complaint:
The TPD is dedicated to providing the highest quality police services to residents of, and visitors to, Tiverton. Your compliments and complaints are important to the TPD and we appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us. To e-mail a compliment or complaint, Please use the form below.  To mail a compliment or complaint, complete a Public Compliment or Complaint Form which is available:
• On TPD’s website: Compliment or Complaint Form,
• At Tiverton Police Headquarters,
• At Tiverton Town Hall.
Your compliment or complaint will be accepted even if it is not on our form. The public can file a compliment or complaint in person or by telephoning the police department at 401-625-6717 24 hours a day.


Complaint Investigation Process:

Every complaint of misconduct will be processed by the Deputy Chief of Police. Upon receipt of a complaint, the
Deputy Chief of Police will investigate the complaint or will assign the case for investigation. Generally, complaints
will be assigned to the employee’s supervisor or commander. More serious or complex matters may be referred to an outside law enforcement agency.
Investigators will:
• Attempt to interview the complainant, the accused employee and all witnesses;
• Examine physical evidence;
• Review reports and records;
• Thoroughly document the facts surrounding the incident and allegation.
The investigator’s report will be submitted to the Deputy Chief of Police who will review it for completeness and
objectivity and then forward it to the Chief of Police for final resolution.

Investigative Procedures:
The standard of proof in an administrative investigation is a preponderance of the evidence. It is less than the
standard in a criminal case, which is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Police employees have the right to appeal in accordance with state law and collective bargaining agreements. If, during the course of the investigation, it is determined that the employee could face significant discipline you may be asked to testify at a Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights hearing or other employment related hearing.
In a criminal investigation police employees have the same rights as any citizen, including the right to remain
silent. If employees are ordered to answer questions or face discipline, their answers cannot be used against
them in a criminal matter. If your complaint results in criminal charges against an employee, you may be asked
to testify at a criminal proceeding. Under state law, complaint investigations are public records. Once
completed the investigation is retained and must be made available for review or release upon request.

Disciplinary Action:
The TPD's policies and procedures utilize the principle of progressive discipline. This allows for a cumulative increase in penalty considering prior discipline while also allowing for consideration of mitigating circumstances. Once management has reached a final disposition, appropriate action will be taken. This may involve documented counseling or re-training. It may also involve the imposition of disciplinary action which includes oral reprimand, written reprimand, suspension or termination.

Compliment/Complaint Against Police Personnel


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The United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division enforces federal laws that protect you from discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, disability status, sex, religion, familial status, or loss of other constitutional rights. If you believe your civil rights, or someone else’s, have been violated, please click the below link:

USDOJ Civil Rights Division Online Reporting

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