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When should I call 911?

For all incidents that require an immediate response by the police, you should call 911. Although this response is qualitative in nature, the best suggestion is to call 911 when you know that someone is injured, someone may be injured or loss or damage to property may be imminent without quick police response.

If you find yourself questioning as to whether you should call 911 or the business line (401) 625-6717, call 911. The dispatcher will evaluate the urgency of the call and courteously instruct you what to do.


What hours is the Tiverton Police Department open?

Your police department is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We are prepared to respond to your needs and answer any questions, anytime of the day or night.


Who should I call if I am aware of an immediate traffic hazard?

Call 911 if you feel that someone is injured or about to be injured or property damage is imminent without immediate police response. Otherwise, call the business line at (401) 625-6717 ext. 101. A police officer will respond immediately to remedy the hazard. 


How do I appeal a parking ticket?

Appeals for parking tickets are heard by the Tiverton Municipal Court.  The Municipal Court Clerk can be reached at (401) 625-6717.


Where do I go if I have received a Tiverton Municipal Court traffic ticket?

As of March 15, 2016 the Tiverton Municipal Court has moved to the Tiverton Public Library (Community Room), 43 Roosevelt Ave., Tiverton RI 02878.  This is where court sessions are held and is NOT where payments are mailed to.  Traffic ticket payments are received at Tiverton Police Headquarters, 20 Industrial Way., Tiverton RI 02878.  Please go to our Traffic Ticket page for more information.  


Do I need to report to the police if I've been involved in a motor vehicle accident?

In the State of Rhode Island when a person is involved in a crash where there is bodily injury or damage in excess of $1,000 they are required to file a Uniform Crash Report, also known as the “Police Report.” This report is generated by state and local law enforcement officials, usually at the scene of the crash, and is accepted by DMV in lieu of the State Accident Report. The crash report is automatically sent to the R.I. Department of Transportation (DOT) where crash statistics are tabulated. DMV receives the crash information from DOT every day, eliminating an additional step for motorists to file a separate report with the DMV.  Please go to our Accident page for more information.  You may obtain a copy of a Uniform Crash Report (accident report) online at


How do I get a copy of a police report?

The Records Division handles most requests for copies of police reports.  The Records Division is open 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays).  The Tiverton Police Department is committed to providing the public with access to public records, under R.I. Gen. Laws Section 38-2-1, while protecting from disclosure information about individuals maintained that would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.  The Tiverton Police Department provides numerous public documents to the public, media and attorneys every day in the ordinary course of business.  For more information regarding access to public records, please see the Access to Public Records page under General Information.  You may obtain a copy of a Uniform Crash Report (accident report) online at


If I am stopped by the police for speeding, what should I do?

Stop your vehicle as far out of the lane of traffic as possible. Stay in your vehicle and turn on your interior light. Good lighting assists good communication. Relax and remain in your vehicle. If you leave the vehicle, you subject yourself and the officer to danger.

Keep your hands in view at all times, preferable on the steering wheel. Wait for the officer to request your license and registration.

Police officers are trained to ask for your identification first, and provide an explanation for the stop second. Then, give the officer a chance to explain. Providing your documents will speed the process. Remember, in most cases, the officer is in uniform, displaying a badge and name tag. You have the advantage of knowing with whom you are dealing. Extend the courtesy by presenting the requested paperwork without an argument. It makes sense and it's the law.

If the officer writes you a citation, do not argue. If you think that the citation was wrongly issued, the proper procedure is to request a hearing through district court. Read the back of the citation for further instructions. For further information about citations (traffic tickets), please go to the Traffic Tickets page.


What can I do about a speeding problem on my street or in my neighborhood?

Call us at (401) 625-6717 ext. 101 and inform our dispatcher of your observations and the general times of the infractions. We will dispatch a cruiser to the area to assess the situation and possibly run radar. Also, we have a speed monitor trailer that we may decide to set up in your neighborhood to assist in better educating drivers concerning the speed limit. Although officers routinely patrol side streets, it is you, the resident who is most aware of changing traffic patterns in your neighborhood. We rely on you to bring your concerns to our attention in order to help drivers better obey traffic laws.


Does the Tiverton Police Department provide VIN checks?

Yes, the VIN checks are done on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. For more information please go to our VIN Check page.


Does the Tiverton Police Department do background checks.

Yes, as allowed by state and federal law.  National background checks conducted through fingerprints are conducted on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  Please go to our National Background Checks page for more information.  State (BCI) checks can be done anytime the Records Division is open.  For more information please go to our State Background Checks page.


Can the police provide assistance to open my car if I have locked the keys inside?

No. For liability purposes the Tiverton Police Department does not provide this service.  


Can the police provide assistance if I have locked myself out of my house?

Yes. While we will respond to your home, we will not forcibly gain entry unless there is an emergency.   We will work with you to attempt to find suitable assistance.


Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?

Yes! The Police Department depends upon town residents to call in reports of crimes or suspicious activity. You will be asked questions about the activity to determine its nature and ask for details.  If you are aware of ongoing criminal activity and wish to remain anonymous, you may submit the information on our TIPS Page.  


I return home and find my front door open. Should I go in?

NO. Go to a neighbor's house and call 911. If you return home and notice anything suspicious such as a broken window or an alarm sounding, DON'T GO IN. You want to avoid any interaction with an intruder.


How do I avoid becoming a victim of a scam or identity theft?

There are several things you can do to avoid being the victim of a scam or identity theft:

  • Never give anyone your personal information, especially if you do not know who they are. That includes providing or confirming your address, bank account, credit card numbers, phone numbers or date of birth.

  • Do not write account numbers on the outside of payment envelopes.

  • Destroy any records, canceled checks, receipts, deposit slips, etc. before throwing them away. If you have a shredder, use it. If not, tear the bills, receipts, etc. into tiny pieces and try to put them in different trashcans.

  • Anytime you are asked to pay money to get a "free" gift you should refuse to pay the money. It is likely that the offer is fraudulent and even if you were to receive the gift it would be a cheap imitation item.

  • Guard your Social Security number. Do not have it imprinted on checks. If it is requested by a business, ask if there is an alternate ID that can be used. If not, ask for an explanation why the number is needed. It should not be used for identification purposes.

  • Check with the National Fraud Information Center on 1-800-876-7060. The NFIC provides lots of valuable resources about telephone, mail and online scams.

  • Always use common sense. If you have a gut feeling that something is not legitimate, you are probably right.

  • Please see our Identity Theft Page for more information.  


What should I do if I suspect that I am a victim of an identity theft?

You should first contact your local police and make a report. Prior to making a police report, please complete the Identity Theft Victim's Packet.  You can then use that police report to request that the consumer credit reporting agencies block any information that you contend appears on your credit report as a result of an identity theft.

Check out our Identity Theft Page for more information.



I need to see the Police Chief about something. When is he in the station?

The Chief is generally available between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, but you should telephone his office at 401-625-6717 extension 116 to make an appointment. This will ensure that you are provided with the time necessary to adequately discuss your concerns with him.  You may also email the Chief at



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