Policies and Procedures (General Orders)

The following documents represent some of the policies and procedures (also referred to as General Orders) in effect for the Tiverton Police Department. Certain Department policies and procedures have been withheld or redacted, consistent with the Access to Public Records Act, to prevent the disclosure of information which would disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions, or would disclose guidelines for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions, or could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual.

000.02 Introduction
000.03 Department Mission, Vision and Values
000.04 Written Directive System
000.05 Interdepartmental Communications
100.10 Rules and Regulations
200.10 Department Organization and Structure
200.20 Job Descriptions
200.40 Development of Agency Forms
210.05 Annual Goals, Objectives and Multi Year Strategic Plan
210.10 Liability Protection and Response
210.20 Inspections
210.25 Identification Cards
210.30 Notifications to Command Staff
210.50 Crime Reporting and Analysis
210.60 Overnight Issuance of Vehicles
210.70 Employee Discipline
210.80 Grievance Procedure
210.85 Collective Bargaining
210.90 Inventory and Control of Department Owned Property
220.30 Saluting
230.10 Internal Affairs Procedures
230.30 Social Media
230.50 Body Armor
230.60 Recording of Police Activity
240.10 Infection Control
240.30 Smoking
240.40 Property and Equipment
250.00 Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid
300.00 Arrests
300.01 Criminal Investigations
300.02 Identity Theft
300.03 Foreign Nationals
300.04 Field Reporting
300.04 Immigration and Enforcement Guidelines
300.05 Department Motor Vehicle Procedures
300.10 Vehicle Pursuit
300.20 Interviews and Interrogations
300.25 Electronic Recordings of Custodial Interrogations
300.35 Photographic Lineups
300.40 Persons with Mental Illness
300.50 Missing Persons- Adults
300.52 Amber Alert
300.53 Next of Kin Notifications
300.54 Missing Persons Children
300.70 Computer Systems
310.10 Domestic Violence
310.20 Sexual Assault Investigations
310.30 Child Abuse Investigations
310.50 Hate Crimes
320.10 Patrol Operations
320.21 Alarm Procedures
320.80 Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)
330.00 Traffic Enforcement
330.01 Motor Vehicle Stops
330.10 Driving Under the Influence
330.11 Drug Recognition Experts (DRE)
330.15 Traffic Accident Investigation
330.16 Traffic Accident Reconstruction
330.50 Snow Bans
330.60 Traffic Direction and Control
340.10 Criminal Intelligence
350.10 Prisoner Search and Transportation
350.20 Holding Facilities
360.20 Search and Seizure
360.40 Strip and Body Cavity Searches
370.10 Juvenile Procedures
380.10 Evidence Collection and Preservation
380.20 Property Management and Control
390.10 Use of Force
390.12 Use of Force Incidents Resulting in Death or Serious Bodily Injury
390.20 Department Authorized Weapons
390.25 Electronic Restraint Devices
390.40 Hand Held OC Spray
390.50 Use of Expandable Baton
610.30 Naloxone Use
610.35 Handling Guidelines for Highly Toxic Substances
610.75 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons

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Non Emergency: 401-625-6717  Emergency: 911

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